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Sonance Sounds

Sonance Sounds - Melodic Techno Course

Sonance Sounds - Melodic Techno Course

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Sonance Sounds - Melodic Techno Course

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About this Course:


In the course we'll be making a full melodic techno production completely from scratch. I'll show you all the techniques that go into producing a tech house record.

In just 7 chapters, you'll learn everything you need to know to create your own killer melodic techno track from start to finish.

We'll cover all the key elements of a great melodic techno track, including drums, bass, leads, chords, vocals, arrangement, and mastering. With each chapter, you'll gain valuable insights and techniques for creating high-quality tracks that will keep your audience grooving all night long.

Whether you're a seasoned producer looking to take your skills to the next level, or a beginner just starting out, my course has something for everyone. So don't wait - enroll today and start creating amazing melodic techno tracks that will set the dancefloor on fire!



Introducing my brand-new course on producing melodic techno, where I'll take you through every step of producing a melodic techno track from start to finish. With 7 comprehensive chapters, you'll learn everything you need to know to create your own killer tech house track.

In Chapter 1, you'll learn all about the most recognizable element of any tech house track - the leads. You'll discover how to create hard hitting leads and melodies that will keep your audience moving.

In Chapter 2, we'll dive into the kick & bass, the backbone of any melodic techno track. You'll learn how to create a rolling bassline that will keep your audience grooving and add depth to your track.

Chapter 3 is all about the drums. We'll explore how to create groovy hatloops that will keep your audience dancing.

In Chapter 4, we'll look at how to add a vocal element to your melodic techno track. You'll learn how to choose the right vocals and how to process them to fit perfectly into your track.

Next up, in Chapter 5, we'll take a deep dive into the melodic techno breakdown. We'll create an emotional chord progression, pluck sounds and a second build up. 

In Chapter 6, we'll cover the arrangement. You'll learn how to structure your track for maximum impact and energy, ensuring your audience stays engaged from start to finish.

Finally, in Chapter 7, we'll cover mastering. You'll learn how to give your track that final polish and ensure it sounds amazing on any system.

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When we started to make the pack, we analyzed & broke down the most popular songs by Fred Again. We noticed that the drum sounds and placement are a quite different compared to other genres. That's why we decided to add a huge sample pack to Chemicals. 

The drums are a melting pot of Breakbeats, Jacking UK house drums and Bass House drums. The pack included one-shots as well a lot of groovy drumloops to kickstart your workflow.

We also included a lot of ambiance sounds to the pack. Fred again's style is build around a lot of ambiance sounds, So we couldn't let that out of the pack. 

Without doubt, Chemicals contains all the sounds you need to produce this style of music.

Chemicals - Sample Pack

VALUE: €14,99

Course Curriculum


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But that's not all - when you enroll in the course, you'll also receive a bonus sample pack that includes all the samples used in the track, all the presets used, the vocal, and the project file.

This sample pack is an invaluable resource for any melodic techno producer. You'll have access to all the sounds and settings used in the course, so you can start producing your own high-quality melodic techno tracks right away.

With this bonus sample pack, you'll be able to reverse engineer the course project and see how everything fits together. You can study the arrangement, learn from the mixing techniques, and use the samples, vocal and presets in your own tracks.

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